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We hope that you will come and enjoy our food and become a welcomed member of the Anatolia family.

Poppi's Anatolia has been serving Greek and Indian food in downtown Eugene since 1987. The unique combination of cuisines provides a vast array of tastes, textures, and culinary experiences. Hearty Greek peasant dishes and the more highly spiced Indian curries work well together. For instance, we offer the unusual opportunity to begin a meal with the traditional Greek Mezedakia, a combination of appetizers, dips, olives, and bread; or a Classic Greek Salad made with tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and feta. Then, for a change of taste, Indian Shrimp Curry; fiery hot or mild with an exotic complexity of spices. Finally, select a dessert that will complete a journey in flavors around the world in the space of a meal.

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992 Willamette St.


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